Publish your specialist or hobby magazine in a mobile app

Enhance the power of brilliant content in a brand new app magazine channel - saving resources, time and money whilst increasing engagement.

Create Your Own Specialist / Hobby Magazine - in an app

Intrigue, engage and inform your niche or hobby audience with a mobile first magazine app

Brilliant content - right where your audience reads it

With the rise of concerns around sustainability, GDPR and personal data, publishers are looking for new ways to engage their audience and publish magazine content.

Magazzn enables you to create, publish and circulate your own niche or hobby magazine - optimised for mobile.

Magazzn is a single app that contains multiple publications. It is free to download and use.

As a specialist or hobby publisher, you know what content your audience responds to - Magazzn delivers it.

Magazzn can be updated with new issues and content 24/7. Push notifications and other added value content (like video) increase engagement with your specialist or hobby audience.

Pushed for time?

We can build your app and set up your Magazzn template for you. You can then choose to publish your own content, or even ask us to!

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